Grant application tips

Grant Process

  1. Once you are on the application page - the question "Have you attended a recent Evangelism Workshop hosted by CSBC?   -  If the answer is NO then of course put NO
  2. For the Question "Is this request for a Crossover California event?  -  Answer YES
  3. For Question "Requesting grant amount"  -  Answer $2000
  4. For Question "How will the funds be used?" -  Make sure to put Crossover as part of your answer

California Southern Baptist Convention (CSBC) is offering a $2000 grant for each Church planning an evangelism event during the designated timeframe. Churches have to be within the Mid-Valley Association (Fresno, Madera, and Kings Counties) and their application accepted.

Event dates

Grant application Deadline

  1. Events for Crossover California should  take place between October 1st-22nd
  2. CSBC encourages evangelisim and service events be planned on the weekend before the Annual Meeting - The dates of October 20th-22nd - however not required for a grant

1. All applications have to be submitted by September 15th, 2023


There still is time!


We can't wait to learn more about your wedding or event!

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